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Kootenay Local Agricultural Society, 1911 Irving Road, Castlegar, V1N 4N6, Tel: (250) 608 0334  Email: klasociety@shaw.ca
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The Tool Library

The Tool Library comprises equipment for the growing, harvesting and processing of crops. The equipment is available for members to hire at very reasonable rates.

Web pages are open to all but equipment rentals are for members only

Growing in the Kootenays

Click on the image above to access growing details for a wide range of crops that can be grown in the Kootenays, together with seeding, transplanting and harvest details and a special section on fall planting.

Open to All

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Kootenay Mountain Grown

KMG is the organic certification arm of the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society.

All of our standards, manuals, forms, rules and procedures are online and may be viewed by anyone.

New Equipment 2012


Our membership year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December. Click on this box to go to the new membership / renewal page and help support agriculture and growing in the  Kootenays.

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Beekeeping Course

Please report any links that do not work to the office (klasociety@shaw.ca) The web site is getting so large and complex we are sure that some things have been missed...

Thank you for being part of KLAS this year.  It is you, our members who make it possible for KLAS to fulfill our mandate to help local farmers supply our region with healthy, respectfully grown food.

Please renew your membership for 2014!  See details below…

Jeremy Lack’s untimely passing last Spring was a shock to all our communities, and particularly to KLAS.  Jeremy and his wife Nette founded and nurtured KLAS, so without his energy and leadership - not to mention the loss of his ambitious workshop schedule and lobby efforts - the wind was definitely taken out of KLAS sails last year, but we remain committed to the goals Jeremy and Nette set out to achieve.

Fundamentally these goals include:

Unfortunately, we are running close to the organization’s financial limits. The Board has scoured the budget for savings, but our very minimal operating costs are taxing our minimal income that primarily comes from membership fees.  Our low tool library rental rates have, however, paid the library’s way without dipping into the red.

It was a hard decision, but we have also decided it is necessary to increase our membership fees:

We have several ideas to both increase membership and revenues, and we look forward to input and ideas from the membership.  Please feel free to contact anyone on the board at any time to share your thoughts.

In an effort to drum up new members, increase tool library revenues, and decrease the need for repairs, we have planned educational events next year to increase the library’s exposure.

We have also begun a new campaign to encourage people who love local, organic food - but who are not farmers themselves - to join the organization to support our work.

And you can also help us spread the word, encourage new members, or perhaps give the figt of a KLAS membership - and tool library access - to that someone special!

Again, our sincere thanks for your support and participation in KLAS.  We look forward to this year’s growing season, may it be filled with great workshops, new frontiers in the the local food movement, and lots of delicious food.

All the best for 2014!

The KLAS Board of Directors

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New Additions to the Tool Library

Low Tunnel Hoop Benders

Extend the growing season for cold-hardy crops with a very late season harvest or overwinter them for earliest possible Spring harvest.

These units quickly creates low tunnel hoops out of galvanized electrical conduit (EMT) to withstand brutal fall winds and heavy winter snow loads. 1/2" conduit is recommended for most applications, and can be purchased at your local home improvement store or electrical supply house in 10 ft lengths. The benders will also bend 3/4", or even 1" conduit, which can be used to provide extra strength for tunnel ends.

The Benders comes in 4- or 6-ft wide configurations, so Quick Hoops can span one or two beds at a time.

They mounts to any solid surface, such as the corner of a shop workbench, a picnic table, hay wagon, etc. or, to your farm truck's receiver using our the optional hitch mount, for convenience and portability.

When frost is expected, Quick Hoops are installed over the beds by inserting them into the soil about 10" and then covered with spun-bonded row cover; 10 - 15 ft widths are recommended. When real winter threatens, the row cover is then topped with UV resistant plastic greenhouse cover.

Covers are usually secured with sand bags or some other type of weight placed at the edge of each hoop.

The package Includes curved bender, lever bar (for "finishing" the bend) with removable inserts to accommodate 1/2", 3/4" or 1" electrical conduit, and detailed instructions.

Note: You can over-winter crops in the field using these tunnels…

Three rows of Quick Hoops covering the same area as a 22 x 48 ft. Greenhouse.

Other uses: Use during the summer with shade cloth (30%) to grow better lettuces, chard and spinach, to protect the leaves from scorch and over heating.

The manual is or will be available online in the Tool Library section of the web site together with a video and the units should be on the ground here in the Kootenays by the middle of October.

High Tunnel Hoop Benders

You can now create your own hoophouses at a much lower cost than pre-fabricated kits!

You will be able to extend your growing season and increase both crop quality and yield by protecting your crops from wind, rain, hail, insects, and disease pressure.

The advantages to protected cropping are numerous and you will on your way to more profitable crop production while saving a large amount of money compared to buying a tunnel.

These would be great for growing tomatoes (no early or late blight!!) and cucumbers and other ‘sensitive’ crops.

Newsletters 2012

The January 2013

Newsletter is now available.

This newsletter is available for members to download by clicking on the image above.

A Message from The Board

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