Every certified and certifying KMG farm must submit a complete application and inspect another farm each year. This "peer-to-peer" inspection, or Participatory Guarantee System, is what makes KMG special.

Become KMG Certified:

1) Join KLAS and KMG.

2) Prepare your application:

3) Email your application:

  • Email your forms to: admin@klasociety.org
  • The administrator will check your forms for errors or missing information.

      Application Deadline: April 14, 2018


4) Schedule inspections:

  • You will be told which farm to inspect and who will inspect yours.
  • Contact your inspector and schedule your farm's inspection.
  • Contact the farm you will inspect and schedule their inspection.
  • Inform the administrator of the schedule.

       NOTE: The farm you inspect will NOT be the same as the farm that inspects you.

5) Prepare to inspect a farm:

  • You will be emailed the application package of the farm you will inspect.
  • Print a copy to bring when you inspect your peer's farm.
  • Download the inspection form(s) and print a copy to take field notes.

6) Record the inspection:

  • Travel to the farm, inspect it, and take field notes.
  • Type your notes into the digital inspection form.
  • Email the completed inspection forms to admin@klasociety.org.

7) Wait for confirmation of certification:

  • Each member of the Certification Committee (CC) will review your documents.
  • The CC will meet to discuss every KMG application and decide upon KMG status.
  • If you are successful, the administrator will email you a digital KMG Certificate.

     CC Meeting: Date not yet confirmed