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Benefits of Membership

KLAS Membership gives lower rates for all tools in the Tool Library, access to KLAS website resources, voting rights at the KLAS Annual General Meeting, and is required to apply for KMG Certification. It also helps our society to support local farms.

The annual individual membership fee is $25. Our corporate membership fee confers membership privileges to the business's staff and is $100.

Become a Member

Sign up for KLAS newsletters here. Membership is no longer required. The newsletter helps keep supporters, past members, and current members up to date with KLAS events, workshops, offers, and more. You can unsubscribe at any time through a link at the bottom of every email.


Members pay substantially less for tool rentals. If you plan to rent tools more than once, membership will quickly lead to savings.

Please note that anyone planning to rent BCS walking tractors and implements from the Tool Library, an annual $30 Tractor Maintenance Fee is required. Visit the Tool Library page for details.


KLAS Membership also gives access to the members-only Resources section of this website, including a suite of Kootenay-specific KLAS growing guides authored by the late Jeremy Lack and the archives of KLAS newsletters filled with local growing advice.

Growing guides include the CBT-funded "Growing in the Koots" guide with detailed crop-by-crop tables, schedules, and suggestions specifically tailored to our region. Additional guides give much more detailed information specifically on currants, stone fruits, lettuce crops, brassica pests, sweet potatoes, apple tree pruning, and vegetable storage.


Members' contributions are fundamental to the success of KMG certification, helping to keep fees low for certifying KMG farmers. KMG status helps farmers reach broader local markets, lending their products the credence of a peer-to-peer inspection system that ensures their farm management is ecological, regenerative, and socially responsible.

The alternative to KMG certification is organic certification. This certainly has its benefits, but due to third party inspection and a heavier administrative load, it is much more expensive for the farmer.

Membership also supports the Tool Library, workshops, advocacy and other ways KLAS works for local, ecological agriculture.


Employees of a business with a corporate membership have access to members' website resources and reduced Tool Library rates. Corporations may share their username and password with staff to allow them unrestricted access to this website.

Individuals in the corporation who plan to use tractors and tractor implements must also pay the Tractor Maintenance Fee.


Memberships for Tool Library rates and KMG applications expire each year on January 1.
Access to website resources expires exactly one year after registration.

If you have questions regarding membership—for example, if you have paid your membership but cannot access the Resources page, or if you think you may not be on the newsletter list—please contact our administrator: