Waivers and Inspections

Waiver of Liability

Each time you rent a tool from KLAS you will sign the Tool Rental and Liability Form. Take a careful read.

In short, you are responsible for your own health and safety while operating these tools, which are dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm or even death. The safe use of these tools is your responsibility, not ours or anyone else's.

Similarly, you are financially responsible for any damage the tools incur during the time you are renting the tool, until the time the tool guardian has received the tool back from you and both you and the tool guardian have completed the post-rental inspection. That means, no matter what the reason, if a tool is returned worse for wear, you are responsible. If the tool is damaged, you will be charged for parts and service.

If a tool is returned dirty, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $30. If the tractor is returned with the gas tank anything less than full, a $30 filling fee will be charged.

Inspection Checklists

The inspection checklists below are to be used both before and after renting the tractor. The inspection is completed with the tool guardian so you are both on the same page, literally.

Remember: you are responsible for any damage that occurs during your rental of the tools. If you do not complete a careful check before you rent the tool and miss some damage, you've inherited the problem and now own it. When that damage is spotted on the post-rental inspection, you are responsible for the repair. So pay attention and take care to do the inspection right.

To cover your bases, print a copy of the inspection checklist and fill it out each time you rent the tractor. The tool guardian will also fill out the inspection sheet with you both before and after you return the tool.

The BCS Inspection Sheet has all the boxes you need to check off, but the first few times you inspect the BCS tractor and implements you'll want to have the Detailed BCS Inspection Form handy. They both flow through the inspection in the same order, but the detailed sheet is more explicit.

Maintenance and Repair

If you plan to work with the BCS tractors, we recommend that you look around the Earthtools BCS site for tips and tricks on the tractor, engine, and implements. Specifically, they have excellent repair and maintenance resources.

Below are a selection of manuals and repair guides for the tractor and implements. As more manuals become electronically available (or we scan the paper copies we have with the tools) we will add them below.

BCS 853 Tractor

BCS 853 Operator Manual pre-2012

BCS 853 Operator Manual 2012

Honda Engine Manual

Earth Moving

Tiller Manual

Rotary Plow Manual

Chipping and Mowing

Chipper-Shredder Manual

Brush Mower Manual

Simple Repairs

PTO Rod Basic Operation

PTO Freeing Control Rod

Complex Repairs — Do NOT attempt without Tool Committee approval

BCS Transmission Repair

BCS Clutch Repair