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To contact our tool guardians to rent a tool or ask about availability, please email:

Tool Guardians

All our tools are maintained, inspected, and housed by "tool guardians," member farmers who volunteer their time to keep the fleet ship-shape, to schedule rentals and train new tool users, and to do the pre- and post-inspection with renters. In exchange for their time and effort, tool guardians get free use of the tools.

Currently, our tool guardians are:

  • Nigel Francis, Creston (Tractor and implements)
  • Andrew Carr, Krestova (Tractor and implements)
  • Chris Webster, Kaslo (Tractor and implements)
  • Marvin Work, Beasley
  • Andrew Bennett, Rossland

For information on the inspections you and the tool guardian will complete before and after using the tools, and the waiver you will sign holding you responsible for your own health and safety, and holding you financially responsible for any damage incurred to the tools during your rental, please visit the Waivers and Inspections page.

Tractor Maintenance Fee

To rent BCS tractors and implements, renters (including both members and the general public) must pay an annual $30 Tractor Maintenance Fee to help KLAS defray the ongoing cost of maintenance and repair of the tractor fleet.

Pay the Tractor Maintenance Fee here.

2018 Prices

Prices are listed for both members and non-members (public) as the price-per-day for a 24-hour rental.

The following tools do not require the Tractor Maintenance Fee:

Available Locations Members price/day Public price/day
4' Bender 3 Creston $10 $15
6' Bender 3 Krestova, Creston $10 $15
12' Bender 1 Creston $10 $15
Set of Seed Screens 1 Rossland $8 $12
Essential Oil Still 1 Rossland $25 $37.50
Dehydrator (small) 4 Beasley, Creston $10 $15
Dehydrator (large) 1 Beasley $15 $22.50
Fruit Press 1 Krestova $12 $18
Root Washer 2 Krestova $30 $45
Pressure Washer 1 Krestova $15 $22.50

The annual Tractor Maintenance Fee is required to rent tractors and tractor implements:

Available Locations Members price/day Public price/day
BCS Tractor 4 Creston, Krestova, Kaslo $25 $37.50
Tractor + 1 implement ~ ~ $50 $65
Tractor + 2 implements ~ ~ $75 $90

NOTE: Insured trailers are provided at no additional cost to transport the tractor and implements when a tractor is rented. They require a hitch with a 2" ball.

The following tractor implements require a BCS tractor to operate. They can be rented as part of a tractor package (above) or individually, and also require the annual Tractor Maintenance Fee to be paid:

Available Locations Members price/day Public price/day
Rotary Plow 3 Krestova, Kaslo, Creston $25 $37.50
Tiller 3 Krestova, Kaslo, Creston $25 $37.50
Power Harrow 1 Creston $25 $37.50
Seeder-Spreader 1 Creston $25 $37.50
Flail Mower 2 Creston $25 $37.50
*Chipper-Shredder 1 Krestova $25 $37.50
*Brush Mower 1 Krestova $25 $37.50
*Disc Mower 1 Krestova $25 $37.50
*Hay Tedder 1 Krestova $25 $37.50
*Hay Baler 1 Krestova $25 $37.50
*Silage Wrapper 1 Krestova $25 $37.50